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Research Team

Adhering to the policy of "Internal training and external introduction are of equal importance", HIE attaches great importance to the construction of scientific research teams and regards the construction of the talent team as a major plan for school development. At present, title structure, educational background structure and hierarchical structure of the school's scientific research team have been further improved and optimized.

In recent years, HIE has invested more than 14.4 million yuan in staff recruitment and training. It has introduced 167 teachers with associate titles or above or with master's degrees or above, and selected 79 teachers to further study or study for degrees at peer colleges. The number of teachers with senior titles has increased to 387 and that of teachers with a master's degree or above has increased to 897. 145 teachers have been hired as doctoral or master supervisors by universities inside and outside Hunan province. It embraces three national-level model (excellent) teachers; four experts enjoying special allowances given by the State Council and the provincial government; two new century outstanding talents awarded by the Ministry of Education; six members of the Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education; 12 outstanding teachers at provincial and ministerial level; 14 provincial-level academic leaders, 21 candidates for provincial-level "New Century 121 Talent Project", and 61 provincial-level young backbone teachers; five provincial-level teaching teams and five provincial-level scientific and technological innovation teams.

(Data updated to September 2019)

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