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Teaching Unit
School of Electrical and Information
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Textile and Clothing
School of Materials and Chemical Engineering
School of Computer and Communication Engineering
School of Management
School of Economics
School of Computer Science and Electronics
College of Foreign Languages
School of Architectural Engineering
School of Design and Arts
School of Ideological and Political Sciences
Physical Education Department
Engineering Training Center
College of Applied Technologies
International Education College
College of Continuing Education
College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Coordinated Innovation Center
Scientific Research Unit
College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Coordinated Innovation Center
Functional Department
Office for Chairmen
Disciplinary Committee
Organization Division
Publicity Division
United Front Work Division
Reform and Development Division
Student Affairs Division
Human Resources Division
Supervision Division
Academic Programs Division
Academic Research Division
Graduate Studies Division
Admission and Career Center
Financial Affairs Division
Auditing Division
Asset Management Division
Logistics and Infrastructure Division
Campus Security Division
Retiree Services Division
Group Organization
Trade Union
Youth League
Immediate Unit
Higher Education Research and Assessment Center
Network Information and Modern Education Technology Center
Alumni Office
Procurement and Bidding Management Center
Office for New Engineering Disciplines Construction
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