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Yi Bin


Yi Bin, male, Ph.D., is a professor and doctoral supervisor; member of the Teaching Steering Committee of College Chemistry Courses of the Ministry of Education; State Council Government Special Allowance Expert; Hunan Provincial Government Special Allowance Expert; subject leader of colleges in Hunan Province; second-level candidate of Hunan Province "121 Talent Project"; excellent expert of Xiangtan. He is the person-in-charge of the provincial applied characteristic subject of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and the director of the key laboratory of Hunan Province—the Laboratory of Environmental Catalysis and Waste Regeneration.

He is now vice secretary of the CPC Hunan Institute of Engineering Committee; president of Hunan Institute of Engineering. He presides over administration work. He takes charge of Auditing Division, Supervision Division, and Foreign Affairs Division; liaises with School of Electrical and Information Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, and branches of China Democratic League.

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