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HIE Unveils 2020 Campus Arts Festival
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On the afternoon of November 10, the opening ceremony of 2020 Campus Arts Festival was held at Zhixing Square on the new campus of HIE. Chen Yuetang, Party Secretary of the CPC HIE committee, President Yi Bing, Vice President Li Junlin, as well as responsible persons of relevant functional departments and various schools gathered with more than 800 students to share the audio-visual feast.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Party Secretary Chen Yuetang, on behalf of the school, expressed his sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to the teachers and students for their dedicated preparation. He pointed out that HIE has always attached great importance to the construction of campus culture and cultural education. Taking campus arts festival as an effective carrier of ideological and political education of college students, HIE guides all teachers and students to cultivate and practice socialist core values, comprehensively promote the construction of spiritual civilization, and build a practical stage for college students to devote themselves to cultural prosperity, serve the society and increase their talents. He hoped that the majority of HIE students will actively participate in activities with full enthusiasm, meet challenges with an innovative attitude, experience their youth with hard work, and jointly compose splendid chapters of campus culture.


After the opening ceremony, Party Secretary Chen Yuetang and President Yi Bing came to the Carnival Exhibition Venue at Zhixing Square. They took a look at such booths as Technology Association, Charity Association, Han Chinese Costume Club, DIY Handicraft Club, carefully inquired about the development of each association, understood the volunteer service construction of student groups, and appreciated characteristic cultural and creative products. There are 59 associations in HIE, which can be divided into four types: Arts and sports, voluntary service, academic science and technology, and theoretical learning. After years of rapid development, school associations have played a positive role in enriching campus culture and building education platform. They are the places where students can carry out self-education, self-management and self-service. They also become new carriers of talents training.

The two-month campus arts festival will hold activities featuring Chinese cultural heritage, arts and sports fashion as well as volunteering spirit, including "Chinese Classics Reading", “‘I love China’ Chorus Competition ", “Basketball Competition” and “Handmade Charity Sale”. It aims at providing a stage for students to display their talents and creating positive, healthy and civilized campus culture so as to guide students to cultivate and practice socialist core values and to contribute their youth to the realization of the Chinese dream.

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