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HIE Obtains Two First Prizes in Hunan College Teachers Informatization Teaching Competition
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On November 15, in the finals of the 2020 "Qiangzhi Cup" Informatization Teaching Competition for college teachers in Hunan Province, sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Wang Bin and Yang Fan, from the School of Design and Art of HIE, both won the championship. Mr. Wang Bin won the first prize in Liberal Arts Group, and Mr. Yang Fan won the first prize in Practice Group. This is a major breakthrough for HIE in such contest.

Since 2016, Mr. Wang Bin has been establishing a comprehensive MOOC database, utilizing MOOC platform and live broadcast platform to reform classroom teaching on the basis of traditional classroom teaching, and constructing a smart teaching system suitable for its own characteristics. In the final, Mr. Wang Bin demonstrated online-offline-combined teaching design and application of "Basics of Photography", and introduced it from such four aspects as problem analysis, teaching reform, teaching implementation and characteristic achievements. He was highly praised by experts and teachers for his on-site explanation and demonstration,

For many years, Mr. Yang Fan has insisted on using three-dimensional animation, data resources, popular software and other information-based teaching technologies to improve teaching effectiveness, resolve teaching difficulties, update teaching design and innovate teaching methods. At the final, he took the animation design training as an example to show informatization teaching methods one by one such as virtual reality cruise laboratory, 3D cartoon teacher and "Scene Cool" network platform. His teaching content was wonderful with vivid demonstration, which gave a fresh feeling to the judges and teachers on site.

The competition is a cohesion of wisdom, sweat and hardship of the two contestants, strong support of school leaders, dedicated guidance of the Academic Programs Division and cultivation of schools. It is hoped that all teachers in HIE will learn from the winners, focus on the construction of "Golden Lectures", promote the "Double Ten Thousand Plan", take students as the center, and steadily optimize classroom teaching to further improve education and teaching quality.

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