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HIE Won 1st Prize in the 9th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition.
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On November 20th, the final of the 9th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition was held in Southwest Jiaotong University. HIE team won one first prize, one second prize, and Mr. Wang Gaosheng was awarded as the excellent instructor.

Members of the champion team include Chen Zanyu, Ning Zhiling, Yang Peican, Deng Xiaoxiang and Tang Xinxin. Members of the runner-up are Liu Dongjie, Ge Kehan, Chen Min, Lu Lei and Mao Zirui.

As the highest level of such competition, it has attracted 4719 entries from 678 universities across the country, and a total of 143 first prizes and 238 second prizes were selected. With the theme of "Smart Home, Happy Family", the competition aims to attract and encourage students to actively participate in extracurricular scientific and technological activities, and to guide them to design and manufacture modern smart devices customized for the aged who live alone.

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