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HIE Live Streamed on Guangming Online
time:2021-06-28        hits:

On the afternoon of June 28th, HIE streamed its admission policy, talents cultivation, discipline characteristics, scientific research innovation, campus culture, campus environment on mobile via such media platforms as Tik Tok and KK, which attracted more than 800,000 online viewers and was praised by examinees and parents. This event is organized by Guangming Online for supporting college admission work this year.

Tao Yuan, anchor from Guangming Online, and Wang Bin, Fang Wenting and Xu Dongbo, campus anchors from HIE, led a large number of netizens to "cloud" tour the main campus of HIE. During the live broadcast, the school’s party secretary Chen Yuetang and president Yi Bing briefly introduced the history and development vision of HIE.

"The campus scenery is as beautiful as a garden." "The robot Xiaoming developed by the students is so cute and I really want to have one." "Xiaoping's technology innovation team is so powerful, if I succeed in applying, I will join." "The performance of the models are so professional. "...In the 90-minute live streaming, netizens experienced the school’s good ecological environment, rich campus activities, strong learning atmosphere and convenient living conditions, which inspired the majority of examinees to apply for HIE, and a beautiful vision of coming to HIE to study and live.

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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