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Proposal on Carrying out Activities of Learning from Lei Feng
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Proposal on Carrying out Activities of Learning from Lei Feng

All grass-roots Party organizations and all Party members and comrades:

Lei Feng Spirit epitomizes the Chinese national spirit and the spiritual pedigree of Chinese Communists. No matter how our world changes, Lei Feng Spirit will never go out of date. Recently, President Xi appealed to the public to commemorate Lei Feng by inheriting his spiritual legacy, stressing that it is necessary to profoundly grasp the connotation of Lei Feng's spirit, give full play to the exemplary leading role of party members and cadres, and make Lei Feng spirit shine more brightly in the new era and new journey. To implement the relevant instructions in the whole nation, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in our school, stimulate the vitality of party building, and promote the construction of campus civilization and culture as a whole, on the occasion of the 60th Lei Feng Commemoration Day, the following initiatives are issued to all grass-roots party organizations and all party members in the whole school:

First, we should take inheriting Lei Feng's spirit as an important content of cultivating people by virtue. All grass-roots party organizations and party members and cadres should profoundly understand the rich connotation and characteristics of the Lei Feng spirit, insist on learning Lei Feng spirit and inheriting red genes as important political tasks, persist in casting souls of integrity with Lei Feng spirit, integrate Lei Feng spirit into teaching and education, party members' education and management, party style and clean government building and campus culture construction, persist in cultivating and forging high-quality cadres who can shoulder heavy responsibilities, cultivate new people of the times who are responsible for national rejuvenation, persist in respecting morality and being good, and consciously practice, spread and carry forward Lei Feng spirit with practical actions.

Second, give full play to organizational advantages, so that learning Lei Feng activities can be integrated into daily life and become a routine. All grassroots party organizations and party members and cadres should further enrich the content of learning Lei Feng activities, carry out practical activities such as studying Lei Feng Diary, visiting Lei Feng Memorial, and carrying out caring activities such as visiting the elderly in nursing homes, helping people in need, and caring donations. Volunteer services such as emergency rescue, environmental protection, and order maintenance are also recommendable options. Besides, we can incorporate learning from Lei Feng in the routine activities of the Party branch, such as "one lesson and one practice every month", Party building leading rural revitalization, etc., to drive more teachers and students to participate. Furthermore, we should make full use of the new media platform, dig deep into the typical cases of "living Lei Feng" in the new era around us, strengthen publicity and guidance, and create a campus of "learning Lei Feng everywhere and everyone is Lei Feng", to make the activities of learning Lei Feng a long-lasting routine.

Third, the activities of learning Lei Feng should inspire powerful working motivation. All grass-roots party organizations and party members and cadres should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary leading role, take the lead in actively thinking and planning their work in the long run, lead the faculty and staff to stick to their initial intentions, take on the dedication and unite and struggle, take the lead in caring for students' growth and success, and cultivate students' patriotism, love for the party and school. At present, it is the key year for schools to realize leap-forward development. The new era and new journey need new great achievements. The majority of party members and comrades should draw spiritual strength from Lei Feng, be determined to innovate and make positive progress, take the lead in tackling difficulties and breaking through barriers, and everyone strives to be a screw that never rusts. To fulfil job responsibilities, we are expected to specialize in deep research, keep improving, create extraordinary achievements, write wonderful chapters, integrate personal pursuit into the cause struggle of the party and the people, and build a high-level engineering application-oriented university, build a new socialist modernization Hunan, and promote China's governance capacity.

Organization Department of CPC Hunan Institute of Engineering Committee

March 1, 2023

(Reviewed by Wang Jiayi, Wang Xingzhou)

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