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School Leaders Start the Publicity Work to Attract Talented Students in 2023
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To counsel the potential candidates and show advantages of our school, Yi Bing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of our school, and relevant school leaders have led teams to carry out publicity activities in various cities of our province.

From June 26 to 27, Yi Bing led relevant personnel to Changsha to attend the 14th Hunan Education Conference and the 2023 National College Enrollment Consultation Meeting in Hunan, and started the publicity work of "Counselling for Hunan Students".

Yi Bing pointed out that the publicity work is of great significance. Schools should actively learn from the good practices of other universities in providing counselling service for parents and candidates, so as to attract talented high-school graduates more smoothly and effectively in the future.

The school also organized more than 20 teams for publicity work to go to 14 cities such as Shaoyang and Huaihua and more than 40 middle schools to carry out publicity and consultation activities. Admissions publicity staff have detailed and in-depth exchanges with candidates from various schools, so as to fully expand the influence of HIE and let more candidates know the overall situation and characteristics of our school.

They carry out publicity activities earnestly. The publicity staff of our school gave enthusiastic responses and patient and thoughtful answers to the admission policies, programme application, employment prospects, studying abroad and other related contents that parents and candidates care about, and encouraged all candidates to make career plans and strive for entrance into their ideal university.

(Reviewed by Wang Jiayi, Wang Xingzhou)

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