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HIE Wins Awards in the 9th "Challenge Cup" Hunan Undergraduate Business Plan Competition
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The 9th Hunan Undergraduate Business Plan Competition final, themed “Champion Cup”, co-sponsored bythe Communist Youth League Hunan Provincial Party Committee, the Hunan Provincial Education Department, the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Association, theHunan Provincial Students' Federation,was held in Changsha from August 7thto 10th.The result of the competition hasbeen announced on August 11th,and all the competition entries that were selected and delivered by HIE havewon prizes, including two silver prizes and eight bronze prizes.

In this year, the competition set up 5majortranches,namely, scientific and technological innovation and future industry, rural revitalization and poverty alleviation, urban governance and social services, ecological protectionandsustainable development, cultural creativity and regional cooperation.It was the first time that the competition hadaccomplishedwork submission,text reviews and oral defense of projectoverthe “cloud”, beingconducted by combining online platform with the offline project submission.More or less 6000 entries from 92 universities all over the province were submitted to bein the field. The entries went through the competition committee qualification reviewandnetworkevaluation,and498 entrieswereentered the final roundat length.

HIELiYongxin team and Wang Shichang teamhavewon the provincial silver awardsfor theirE-care technology——Intelligent blind assistance clothing(instructorZhao Lingling&Zhou Ningsha) andStudy In Travelling Time(instructor Chen Yaqiong)respectively.The other 8entrieswon provincial bronze awards.

“The Champion Cup” competitionlasted a long duration of time.In October 2019,HIElaunched the “The Champion Cup”school-level preliminary competitionandselected30 works for cultivation. In July this year, the school-level final was held again, andultimatelyselected 10 works for provincial competition.The "Challenge Cup" competition is not only anepoch-making fulcrumfor the school toimpulsethe work ofinnovation and entrepreneurship, but also an effectivepathtofacilitatelearning and achieve theobjectiveof talentcultivationin our school.

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