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HIE Wins Awards in the 6th Undergraduate Public Service Advertisement Competition in Hunan Province
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Recently, the 6th Hunan Undergraduate Public Service Advertising Competition, organized by the Provincial Civilization Office, the Provincial Education Working Committee and the Provincial Education Department, came to an end. HIE students have won three second prizes and three third prizes. At the same time, HIE has won the honor of Excellent Organization Award.




Yangfan, teacher from School of Design and Art, directed Su Xianlingtong to create "The Motherland Helps You Dream", Xiong Chenyang, Qin Xiaowei, Huang Xueinlay, Fang Mengyuan to create "Duty and Responsibility", and Tang Yingxin directed Luo Jun to create "The Seal of the Times" have won the second prize respectively. "The Motherland Helps You Dream" skillfully combines modern elements such as artificial intelligence and children's education, compares the motherland to a tall intelligent robot, and leads us to swim in the ocean and space, with profound meaning. "Duty and Responsibility" uses the artistic expression of black humor. In the early stage, it introduces thinking from the perspectives of family, love and career. In the later stage, it interprets responsibility from the perspective of three events. Coupled with Chaplin's music, the whole picture is full of comedy, and at the same time, people can't help but ponder: What is the responsibility and how to take it? From the perspective of social and economic development, "The Seal of the Times" creatively designed the iteration of three methods: ticket, paper money and electronic payment, with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, reflecting that different payment methods in different times witnessed the development of the motherland, which were recorded in people's memory.

Yangfan instructed Gao Ning, Mei Kaixuan and He Sheng to complete the animation works of Silk Road Fly, Ji Wanmi, Shi Shiyuan and Sun Yarong to complete "All the way forward" and Qin Xiaowei to complete "Start with a Beam of Light", which won the third prize respectively. The work "Silk Road Fly" was introduced by a Dunhuang mural woman. The fairy flew out of the painting with the ticket and flew from Dunhuang to modern times. In the picture, the high-speed rail sped by. Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice in the field of hybrid rice. The work shows the rapid development of the motherland from many angles. "All the way forward" animates the travel modes and life changes in different times since the founding of New China, reflecting the earth-shaking changes in the 70 years since the founding of New China.

In recent years, the School of Design and Art has vigorously promoted the teaching mode of "Practice in Competition", which has significantly improved students' comprehensive knowledge application ability and won numerous awards in competitions at home and abroad!

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