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The First Lecture, The New Journey
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With the upcoming of Spring, our school ushered in the first lesson of the new semester. The majority of teachers and students devote themselves to work and study of the new semester with a new look and full spirit. Going deep into the front line of classroom teaching, all school leaders and middle-level cadres have a comprehensive understanding of the basic situation of teaching operations so as to inspect and guide classroom teaching.

School Party Secretary Chen Yuetang listened to the course "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation" taught by Teacher Huang Xingyong, the "Principles of Computer Organization" taught by Teacher Tang Beiping, and the "Public Relations" taught by Teacher Yao Ye. After the class, Chen Yuetang had a cordial conversation with the teachers, encouraging them to combine theoretical teaching with the development of the times. In order to enrich the content of the course, teachers should pay attention to both classroom teaching and practical operation. He hopes that the students will embrace the new journey with a more solid learning state.

In order to organize the classroom teaching work well in the new semester, the Division of Academic Affairs, various teaching units and related functional departments have established an inspection team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of teachers' arrivals, students' arrivals, classroom teaching, teaching operations, and teaching equipment. With concerted efforts of various departments and teaching units, the teaching operation of the whole school is standardized and in order, the teaching equipment and facilities are operating normally, and the teaching conditions and the surrounding environment are clean and tidy.

It is reported that a total of 131 classes were checked in the first lecture. The number of students should be 8,924, and the actual number of students was 8,640. The average attendance rate was 98.02%. 131 school leaders and middle-level cadres attended.

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