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Inheriting Lei Feng Spirit and Promoting Voluntary Service: Successful Launching of Learning from Leifeng Activities
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"Learn from Lei Feng and be loyal to the revolution and the party." On the morning of March 4th, a loud song resounded above the library of HIE, the "Colorful HIE Volunteer Service" activity of learning from Lei Feng was officially launched. More than 200 people including Vice President Zhang Xiaogang, heads of the Publicity Division, Student Affairs Division, Campus Security Division, Youth League and other relevant departments, deputy secretaries of the party committees (general branches) of the colleges, and volunteer student representatives of the colleges attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Wei, secretary of the Youth League Committee.

Zhang Xiaogang sent a heartfelt message to the volunteers of the school at the ceremony. He highly affirmed the volunteer service work of our school. He hopes that the teachers and students of HIE will deeply grasp and explore the contemporary spirit of Lei Feng spirit, combine organically it with entrepreneurship, continuously enrich its connotation, use it to gather strength, courage, responsibility, diligence, and innovation, and take actions to fulfill the responsibilities of contemporary young people to make a good start to contribute youth power to building comprehensively a modern socialist country.

It is reported that, starting from March, the "Colorful HIE Volunteer Service", themed on "Promoting Lei Feng Spirit and Dedicating Youth", will run through the whole year. The school's league organizations at all levels and voluntary public welfare organizations will carry out 10 types of voluntary service projects, including "Party Building Guides League Building" party and league cadres voluntary work, mother river protection campaign, Clean Your Plate campaign, garbage classification lectures, volunteer teaching, scientific and technological maintenance into the community, free blood donation, support for the elderly and the disabled, popularization of emergency aid knowledge, and going to the countryside. HIE will continue to expand the coverage of Lei Feng spirit, focus on promoting the normalization of voluntary work, and lead teachers and students to internalize Lei Feng spirit into an example of "Anywhere, Anytime", and build the school into a more dynamic and warm home for young volunteers.

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