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HIE Holds Work Conference on Foreign Affairs
time:2021-03-11        hits:

On the afternoon of March 9th, the 2021 Foreign Affairs Work Conference was held in HIE. Vice president Luo Yiping presided over the meeting. Related functional departments and relevant heads of the teaching colleges attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Deng Yi, director of the International Exchange Center, focused on the theme of "Accelerating Construction Of 'Double First-Class' by Speeding up Internationalization", illustrated from such aspects as national policies and the construction of "Double First-Class" in universities, the current situation of our school's internationalization, and recent international exchanges projects at school and national level. Participants at the meeting expressed their opinions and confusions on project application, admission, international exchange policy, and publicity guidance. Afterwards, relevant functional departments answered these questions.

Luo Yiping pointed out that, as the fifth function of universities, international exchanges and cooperation are an important feature of the internationalization of higher education. It is necessary to follow the laws of higher education, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, continuously realize the internationalization of our school's education, and enhance our school's comprehensive competition force. Luo Yiping puts forward three requirements for international exchanges and cooperation: First, we must fully realize the importance of international exchanges and cooperation at school and national level. The second is to broaden publicity channels and improve the level of international exchanges in our school. The third is to increase support so as to promote international exchanges and cooperation.

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