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HIE 2021 Video Cloud Job Fair for Global High-Level Talents (Northeast Special)
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On March 26, HIE organized the first online video job fair for global high-level talents (Northeast Special) in 2021. The job fair attracted more than 20 doctors of philosophy. Deans and professional leaders of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, and of the School of Mechanical Engineering, as well as heads of the Human Resources Division participated in the online job fair.

During the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, adhering to the recruitment principle of "Safety Protection, Online Service", the Human Resources Division of HIE formulated a video cloud recruitment plan, intending to build a "video cloud" platform for talents introduction via China Education Online, Academic Bridge, websites, and WeChat.

The video cloud recruitment relies on two platforms simultaneously, including the main video interview venue and the random sub-video interview venue. Among the 121 applicants in the early stage, more than 20 outstanding doctors were selected and invited to join the main video and random sub-video venues for interviews. In the four-hour job fair, relevant schools and outstanding doctors who participated in the recruitment conducted in-depth "face-to-face" exchanges through video, audio, text and other methods, and negotiated on issues concerning welfare, service guarantee, and career development.

Breaking time and space limitations of job fairs, the video cloud recruitment did effectively improve the efficiency and quality of online interviews, and has built a targeted and professionally matched recruitment train between colleges and talents. The Human Resources Division of HIE will continue to serve as a coordinating bridge for schools and talents so as to steadily promote talents introduction.

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