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The 2nd Study Tour Themed on "Reading Ten Thousand Books and Traveling Ten Thousand Miles" Kicked off to Promote Employment
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On April 19th, HIE successfully organized the 2nd Study Tour themed on "Reading Ten Thousand Books and Traveling Ten Thousand Miles" at the invitation of Changsha Gaotu Education Group. It aims to help students get a general picture about current job market and enhance their employment competitiveness, so as to increase graduates’ employment rate this year. The tour was led by four teachers from the Admission and Career Center and schools respectively. 159 students’ representatives participated.

On the day of the event, the students of HIE were led by teachers to the Gaotu Education Group in Kaifu District, Changsha by bus. In the meeting room, teachers from Gaotu Education Group introduced themselves in aspects of "About Gaotu", "Into the Tutor" and "Personnel Training". Previous graduates of HIE were also invited to share their experience aiming to help this year’s graduates get a clearer understanding of the employment environment and prospects.

The students responded enthusiastically on site. They not only listened carefully to the company's experience sharing, but also dared to explore future plans. They actively asked questions and communicated with the company. They said that they have benefited a lot from this study trip and look forward to holding more activities of this kind to improve their employment awareness.

This study trip allowed the graduates to have a clear understanding of the status quo of professional-related industry development, their own job-seeking situation, and their career plans for improving their shortcomings after returning to school. At the same time, it also enabled the school’s employment teachers to understand the market’s needs, so as to lay the foundation for better providing precise employment plans and carrying out targeted employment activities, which is crucial for full and higher-quality employment for 2021 graduates.

(Reviewed by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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