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HIE Students Won 1st Prize at the 9th National Logistics Management Challenge
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On May 29, the 9th National Logistics Management Challenge came to an end. After fierce competition, under the guidance of Li Zhibin, Bao Haiyan, and Huang Ren, our school representative team, Su Huang, Hu Yuhao, Zhang Jin, Wang Nanxi, and Zhong Fang won the first prize, and Wang Huali, Zhou Yan, Xie Xiaoqian, Luo Yinghui, and Pu Yifan won the second prize, which achieved a historic breakthrough.

A total of 254 teams from 61 colleges and universities in Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and other places competed on the same stage. The competition uses Open TTD software to evaluate the knowledge of players in analyzing the corporate market environment, market demand analysis and forecasting, logistics operation scheduling and planning, logistics operation management resource optimization, and company development strategy formulation and implementation.

The Logistics Management Challenge (LMC) is a logistics operation management simulation competition for college students. It is a national event and has been held for nine times. The purpose of the competition is to cultivate students' knowledge application ability, observation and thinking ability, induction and analysis ability, coordination and organization ability, and predictive decision-making ability, so as to improve students' comprehensive quality.

(Checked by Yang Yonghe, Wang Jiayi)

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