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Routine Meeting on Teaching Work
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On the morning of October 6th, our school held the second routine meeting of teaching work this semester in Conference Room 2. Yi Bing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of HIE and president, as well as heads of departments such as Academic Affairs Office, New Engineering and New Liberal Arts Office, Higher Education Research and Teaching Evaluation Center, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Luo Yiping, member of the Party Committee of HIE and Vice President.

At the meeting, Fang Zhengjun, director of the Academic Affairs Office, summarized the teaching work in September, reported the operation of the new educational administration management system since its launch. Fang also deployed work plans for teaching and research reform, teaching operation, student status and performance management, examination, practical teaching, new engineering (Excellence Plan 2.0) and new liberal arts construction in October. The deputy directors in charge of the Academic Affairs Office made supplementary explanations to other key tasks of the department.

Huang Xianwei, director of Higher Education Research and Teaching Evaluation Center, reported the basic situation, existing problems and suggestions for the next step of curriculum process assessment in the last semester. He also reported the results of class auditing in September. He pointed out that we need to further better the assessment of teaching process and overcome difficulties with more comprehensive considerations and steady steps forward.

Luo Yiping said that the key to grasping the essence of university education and improving teaching quality relies on three points. First, we need to update and emphasize our understanding of teaching management. Second, we must practically work up teachersenthusiasm for teaching. Third, it is necessary to share the improvement of teachers’ teaching ability. We need to set top teachers as role models and thus inspire and motivate other teachers to improve themselves. In addition to cultivating excellent teachers, we also need to recruit professional teachers to build a high-level teaching team.

Yi Bing made a concluding speech. He said that talents cultivation is the lifeline of colleges and universities. It is imperative to improve the effectiveness of talents training and the quality of teaching. First, we must learn more and think more, analyze and examine problems in depth, and identify the key to improving the quality of education and teaching. Only in this way can we beat the challenge precisely and effectively. Second, we must be self-driven and actively shoulder responsibilities. We need to set high standard for teaching, adopt positive mentality and put talent cultivation first. Third, we should be down-to-earth and also make bold moves when necessary. We need to refresh our thinking patterns, broaden our horizons, and carry out in-depth research in teaching with perseverance and persistence, thus cultivating specialized talents for our country.

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