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School Leaders Visit Dorms with Solicitude for Students
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Accompanied by directors of Student Affairs Division at all levels, school leaders including Chen Yuetang, Yi Bing, Chen Chiping, Luo Yiping, Qi Luliang, Zhang Xiaogang, Xiang Qian and Wei Kexiang have recently visited dormitories to talk with students about their daily life and give them care and greetings. This is aimed at fulfilling the fundamental task of cultivating students by virtue, practicing the principle of all-round education and strengthening efforts through focusing on students and solving their problems.

"Where are you from?" "Are you used to climate and diet of Hunan province?" "Is there any problem in your study?" "What's your tips to our university?" Leaders ask those questions in each and every dorm to learn how students live and study and plan for the future. They repeatedly remind students of cherishing their precious friendship with roommates and joining hands to create a cozy dorm. The rooms have seen teachers and students radiating kindness and happiness during the entire visit.

Chen Yuetang, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of HNIE, checked dorm hygiene and stressed the importance of electrical safety and cultural atmosphere. Chen encouraged students to cherish time, improve proficiency and horn skills in pursuit of goals for life and for different phases. In addition, he asked them to abide by the rules against the virus and strive for self-management and self-discipline under normalized epidemic prevention and control so that through joint efforts of students and teachers, there is no epidemic on campus.

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