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Stability and Innovation for Breakthroughs and Development
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On the morning of February 15th, our school held a routine meeting on teaching work in the new semester in Conference Room 2. The meeting was presided over by Luo Yiping, Party Committee Member and Vice President, and attended by relevant persons from Academic Affairs Office, Higher Education Research and Teaching Evaluation Center, and various teaching colleges (departments and centers).

At the meeting, Fang Zhengjun, director of the Academic Affairs Office, reported the main teaching achievements in 2022 and pointed out that in 2022, the key teaching work was vigorously promoted and the routine teaching work was carried out stably. National first-class majors, provincial industrial colleges, professional certifications, and provincial teaching competitions have repeatedly reported good news and achieved gratifying results. The teaching operation and student management are standardized and orderly, and the personnel training program is solidly promoted, with all kinds of examination successfully completed. The information management of graduation thesis is gradually strengthened, and the teaching form is continuously improved, with the teaching work developing with high quality.

Fang Zhengjun said that in 2023, teaching work should continue to seek breakthroughs in reform, development and innovation. First, we must deepen professional reform, upgrade and transform traditional majors, and vigorously promote professional certification. Second, we must strengthen curriculum construction, actively organize national first-class curriculum construction, and newly establish a number of online excellent courses. Third, we must strengthen curriculum ideological and political education, deepen curriculum ideological and political teaching research, and promote curriculum ideological and political construction. Fourth, we must catalyze teaching achievements, strengthen teaching reform research and cultivate symbolic teaching achievements. Fifth, we must improve teaching ability and organize teaching competitions to further promote our influence. Sixth, we must improve teaching conditions, build three types of smart classrooms(classroom for lectures, classroom for seminars and classroom for recording and broadcasting), and support the reform of new teaching modes such as mixed teaching and seminar teaching. Seventh, we should optimize the choice of teaching materials, select and build a batch of school-level teaching materials with distinctive characteristics, and create high-level excellent teaching materials.

Mao Xiaohua, deputy director of the Higher Education Evaluation Center, said that in the new semester, the high-quality development of school teaching supervision will continue to be promoted. While watching classes normally,they will attend the class randomly, and the whole school supervision will be integrated to achieve full coverage of lectures. The supervision of practical teaching will be further strengthened.

Luo Yiping made a concluding speech. He fully acknowledged the achievements of teaching work in 2022, and put forward requirements for teaching work in 2023. First, we must stand firm and adhere to the socialist direction of running schools, thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We should fully implement the Party's educational policy, implement the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, strengthen the effectiveness of ideological and political education, persist in educating people for the Party and the country, establish an effective mechanism for teaching and educating people, and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training in our school. Second, we must find the right direction, adhere to innovation-driven development, promote the construction of "four new", take Excellence Plan 2.0, new engineering and new liberal arts projects as the starting point, open up new tracks in new fields and continue to promote the construction of "four new", thus promoting research results into practical results, constantly forming new kinetic vibe and new advantages, and driving the innovation and development of "four new". Third, we must solve the difficulties and persist in building a learning community where teaching and learning benefit from each other. On the one hand, we should establish a mechanism for cultivating teaching ability and pay attention to the cultivation of teachers' morality and style, giving full play to the leading role of excellent teaching team and first-class professional course demonstration. We should help teachers adhere to philosophy of lifelong learning and create a positive atmosphere of pursuing excellence. On the other hand, we should cultivate students' thinking ability, innovative thinking and practical ability, executing the "student-centered" education concept throughout the whole process of educating people, so as to improve the academic precautious warning and student assistance system. Fourth, we must grasp the key points and adhere to professional reform and curriculum construction as the core, focusing on the development trend of higher education teaching. We should attach importance to teaching reform research, strengthen the guidance and support for teachers' teaching reform research, actively apply for national first-class majors and first-class courses, earnestly improve the professional level and curriculum construction level of our school, and take the year of high-quality development as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the high-quality development of higher education in our school.

(Reviewed by Wang Jiayi, Wang Xingzhou)

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